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This is my favourite secret mobile phone tricks out of the list. When you have everything set up, you’ll be able to send a text message with a chosen keyword such as “shutdown’ to your PC. This then activates the shutdown procedure.

Create Smiley - try it

Create your own modified smiley.
Also share with your friends on social network site, emails etc and save it on your computer.

Change google background Image:- New Wallpaper Feature Lets You Customize Google.com (PICTURES)

Google has introduced a new feature that allows you to put a background image of your choice on Google.com in place of Google's plain, white background.

How to change background:
firstly, you have to loggin or sign in to google account then open google.com.
scroll down the cursor and at the left side of the google.com page, you will seen change background image as shown in below image. click here

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